Tivoli offers to visitors an infinity of beauties and attractions. Arranged tourism is usually focused on the most known places, as Villa D’Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana. But in Tivoli there are not only its beautiful villas. This city actually offers many other treasures to people who has the patience and wants to visit it in-depth, staying longer. Above all, it is rich in Roman era monuments as the temples of Vesta and of the Sibilla, the temple della Tosse, the amphitheatre of Bleso (scene of concerts and shows during the summer), the sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore, the mensa Ponderaria and the Augusteum, the grave of the Vestale Cossinia.
La Dimora del Ghibellino La Dimora del Ghibellino La Dimora del Ghibellino
Even more numerous and well-maintained are the architectural and artistic testimonies of the Medieval era: the many beautiful churches (cathedral of San Lorenzo, San Silvestro, San Pietro alla Carità, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Biagio, Sant’Andrea besides the deconsecrated churches of San Nicola, Santo Stefano, San Michele Arcangelo, San Vincenzo, Santa Barbara and the Church of the Annunziata), the many tower-houses and the gothic style houses (among which the famous gothic house of via Campitelli) that follow one another in the beautiful Medieval neighbourhood, rich in really fascinating glimpses.
Another testimony of the Medieval era (late fifteenth century) is the beautiful fortress Pia, that stands out with its impressiveness as soon as we get to the entrance of the city; this monument, closed many years to the public, in a few months, will be available again for tourists who want to visit it.
La Dimora del Ghibellino La Dimora del Ghibellino La Dimora del Ghibellino
Among other amazing attraction of Tivoli, there are its famous thermal waters, which hydros are completely renewed. They are only a few kilometres away the city centre and you can easily get there by bus.
The albule waters, sulphurous waters that keep a uniform temperature of 23°C all the year,
have important therapeutic powers because sulphur, a powerful natural antibacterial, has anti-inflammatory benefits.
The hydropathy centre is open all the year, while the external swimming pools are open from May to October and offer the possibility to spend a pleasant and relaxing day in the sun.
Well, what else to say? The reasons to come to Tivoli are actually many, so we can only advise you to come to visit us!