For those who can stay longer, Tivoli is a great starting point to visit its surroundings (besides Rome that is only 25 kms away), territories characterised by beautiful Medieval villages, monasteries among the most ancient and important of Italy and little villages immersed in the peace of nature where to take excursions and to savour tasty and genuine gastronomical specialities.
We list for you some among the most famous and typical:
Castel Madama
Castel Madama(9 kms away): It is a beautiful Medieval village dominated by the Castello Orsini and well-known for the fascinating palio race of Madama Margarita, that takes place every year in July.

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Palombara Sabina
Palombara Sabina(20 kms away) : It is another beautiful Medieval village, with the fascinating Castello Savelli and the amazing abbey of San Giovanni in Argentella that dates from the VIII century; to visit absolutely in June for the feast of the cherries(really exquisite!)

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Subiaco(40 kms away): The city of the beautiful monasteries of San Benedetto and Santa Scolastica, immersed in fabulous natural scenery.

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Cervara di Roma
Cervara(40 kms away): The beautiful and quiet village with 180 inhabitants only, famous as the “village of the artists” because it is characterised by works of painting, sculpture and poetry left among the alleys and on the walls by artists from all over the world. Located at 1053 metres of height in the middle of the park of the Mountains Simbruini, it gives moreover breathtaking natural sceneries and landscapes..

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Palestrina(25 kms away): With the impressive Sanctuary of the Fortuna Primigenia and the beautiful palace Barberini, seat of the archaeological museum..

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Frascati e i Castelli Romani
Frascati e i Castelli Romani(About 40 kms away): Typical villages that follow one another, beautiful Renaissance villas and fascinating lakes, where to savour the typical dishes at the fraschette (inns).

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